Are you hearing ONLY what you want to hear?

Sam Reese, the CEO of Vistage, talks about his experience as a Vistage member. What struck me as being true is that he shared how when he was speculating with others–whether another CEO friend or trusted advisor, he presented the issue in a way to get affirmation for his decision. One of the differences of… Continue Reading

Vistage NYC Member Highlight: Mitch Berger, Chairman, Howard-Sloan

In this month’s member highlight section, I feature Mitch Berger who joined Vistage NYC a little over six years ago. As Chairman of Howard-Sloan Search, he has grown the brands to be preeminent names in the staffing industry. Howard-Sloan Search was recently awarded Top 10 largest executive search firms in New York City by Crain’s. Mitch… Continue Reading

Innovate Your Organization: Vistage Leadership Program in Collaboration with the Stanford Graduate School of Business

What if you could combine the best leadership professors with the Vistage member experience?  Now you can! We are now accepting applications for the January Vistage Executive Leadership Program in collaboration with the Stanford Graduate School of Business.We’re combining the best of Stanford’s online curriculum and Vistage’s group experience. We’ve combined the best of Stanford’s online… Continue Reading

What CEOs Should Invest in Over the Next Six Months

In the most recent Vistage Research, Decision Factors for H2 2017, publication, Brian Beaulieu, head of the research consultancy, ITR Economics, recommended that businesses consider investing in the areas listed below: Top talent:What business leaders can predict fairly well, he says, is whether it’s time to replace lackluster workers and pay up for skilled recruits who can… Continue Reading

Vistage NYC Member Highlight: Steve Miller, CEO of Irvin Simon Photographers

In this month’s member highlight section, I feature Steve Miller, President of Irvin Simon Photographers. Irvin Simon Photographers has been capturing beautiful portraits of students for over 70 years. Steve’s been CEO since 2001 and works hand in hand with his brother and business partner, Eric. Steve graduated from Brown University, and then started his… Continue Reading

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