Join Us! Vistage NYC August Live Event: Jaynie Smith – Competitive Advantage: Is Yours a Hit or a Myth? Arm Your Sales People For Stronger Profitability

  In this workshop Vistage speaker and author of the book, Creating Competitive Advantage, Jaynie Smith clearly defines what is and is not a competitive advantage. She will quickly show members that 95% of all companies do not even know their competitive advantages, much less are able to communicate a compelling reason why customers should… Continue Reading

Join Us! Vistage NYC July Live Event: Stop Global Boring: Presentation Mastery for Motivated Leaders

Leaders who can engage their stakeholders with clear communication and fearless presentations are far more successful than those who don’t. Too many leaders simply default to the standard, lengthy, bullet-laden PowerPoint presentations to make their points. They overuse presentation software and unintentionally infuse it into the organizational culture. As a result, audiences are bored, employees… Continue Reading

Driving Employee Engagement Through Leadership

The one thing that creates sustainable competitive advantage – and therefore ROI, company value and long-term strength – is the workforce, the people who are the company.11 Yes, better strategies, technologies, products, and services help to create success, but the differentiator between good and great companies, is still the people i.e. employees, that run them… Continue Reading

Better Decisions. Better Outcomes.

Facing a game-changing decision? Tap into a trusted group of CEOs who have been there. Who do you turn to when you need to make the tough decisions? Who challenges you and “questions your answers?” Experience for yourself why New York’s top CEOs and executives turn to Vistage peer advisory groups, purpose-built to help members… Continue Reading

Join Us! Vistage NYC June Live Event: Cutting-Edge, High-Level Negotiating

In this highly experiential presentation, Joe Hernandez teaches the most critical elements of successful negotiating. He provides the most current processes and tools for creating successful outcomes and transforms participants into confident and powerful negotiators. Participants leave the workshop with more negotiation expertise than 90 percent of managers in business today. Topics include but not… Continue Reading

Helen Irving: Congratulations on Winning the SmartCEO’s 2017 Brava Award

helen irving 2017 brava award winner

It is with great pleasure, that I ask you to join me in sharing congratulations to Helen Irving, President, and CEO of LiveOnNY, for winning SmartCEO’s, 2017 Brava Award. SmartCEO’s Brava Awards program celebrates high-impact female business leaders in three categories: CEOs, Executive Directors of Nonprofits, and C-suite executives. Brava award winners combine their irrepressible entrepreneurial… Continue Reading

Visual Planning: Storyboarding Techniques Pioneered by Walt Disney

Visual Planning

This highly interactive presentation on visual planning introduces the storyboarding technique of organizing and expanding our thought processes. Pioneered by Walt Disney, storyboarding is taught to Fortune 500 management as a thinking process that clarifies how we think, expands creativity and ensures a wide scope of possible solutions to complex business problems. Key topics covered… Continue Reading

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