Why A-Players Make all the Difference in Business

Are you satisfied with your team’s performance?   Often, a company’s growth is inhibited by the competence of its team. Hiring a team of A-players will solve most of the problems a company has. Typically, there are three types of players (employees) in business: A-Players, B-Players, and C-Players. For example, in sales, B-Players meet and/or… Continue Reading

Creating and Sustaining Engagement with Millennials as a CEO

creating and sustaining engagements with millenials as a ceo

With the continued entry of millennials into the workforce, how do you, as the CEO, create and sustain engagement with them? In short, the key is to understand that millennials have different expectations and values than previous generations in the workforce. Holly Green, CEO of The Human Factor, recently published an article on the Vistage… Continue Reading

Congratulations to Vistage NYC CEO Mark DiMassimo!

congratulations to vistage nyc ceo mark dimassimo

Mark DiMassimo was recently recognized as a three-time winner of the SmartCEO’s Future 50 Award. The SmartCEO’s Future 50 Award recognizes 50 of the region’s fastest growing, mid-sized companies. It’s not surprising that Mark’s company, DiMassimo Goldstein, won this coveted award because his company has also been a three-time Inc. 5000 winner. DiMassimo Goldstein is an INSPIRING… Continue Reading

What is the Role of the CEO?

what is the role of a ceo

In a recent triad meeting with three CEOs of $50 million+ companies, the question, “What is my role, as CEO?” was asked. Do you every wonder what you should be doing as the leader of your organization? I had the opportunity to be a student of Dr. Lee Thayer, author of twenty books on leadership… Continue Reading

Am I a Right Fit to Join a CEO Group?

am i a right fit for a ceo group

Maybe you’re a good fit to join a CEO group — can you imagine sitting around a table with twelve to sixteen other CEOs, and being engaged in open and honest discussions on how to grow the business? Well, it takes guts to join a CEO group, but it can also be one of the… Continue Reading

Attitude: Hire the Best, Fire the Rest, and Stay Out of Court!

Attitude… You get the employees you deserve! Yes you can hire, evaluate, bonus and fire for attitude. What law keeps you from dealing with attitude? It’s not the law. It’s emotional. We don’t want to have the conversation. Turn “attitude” into “behavior” and hold people accountable. Hire the Best… Learn how to fine and keep… Continue Reading

2017 New York Vistage CEOs Set for Major Growth

vistage CEO insight survey

In a recent Q4 2016 Vistage CEO Confidence Index survey, CEOs of small to mid-size businesses expressed great optimism about economic growth for 2017. With this optimistic look on growth, the most significant issues shared by CEOs was the urgency to find, hire, train, and retain employees. Economic and Investment Growth Out of the CEOs… Continue Reading

Join Us! Vistage NYC March Live Event: You On Your Best Day

In a presentation that highlights active, hands-on participation, Michael Allosso compares the preparation, performance, and role of an actor with that of the corporate executive. Through their participation, business people reach a more vital and dynamic awareness of the excellence needed not only for presentations, but also in the communications in every moment of every… Continue Reading

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