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“The best leaders have confidantes who can give it to them straight, speak truth to power, and keep them in the know.” — FORBES

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What is Vistage?

Vistage International is the largest leadership development organization for CEOs, business owners and executives of small- to mid-size businesses who want to get better results in their business. Since 1957, Vistage has been bringing together successful leaders into private peer advisory groups guided by expert executive coaches, known as Vistage Chairs. Put twelve or so high performing business executives in a room and the potential is enormous. The groups are facilitated so that the participants help each other solve their most pressing business concerns. More than 21,000 members across the globe count on the peers in their Vistage group to provide fresh perspectives and new ideas to the problems facing our CEO’s and executives at every monthly meeting.

Helping CEOs become better leaders & deliver better results by refining their instincts, improving judgement, expanding perspectives and optimizing decision making.

Help me to grow personally and professionally to inspire my team and organization

  • Grow from functional expert to CEO
  • See my blind-spots
  • Build confidence in leadership skills
  • Become a better listener & questioner
  • Continuously learn
  • Be held accountable

Help me to maximize the success of my business by integrating tactics & perspectives from

  • Expert speaker workshops
  • Unbiased sounding board to test business strategy
  • Learn cutting-edge strategies and best practices
  • Impartial reviews of financials and key performance indicators

Let me engage directly with like-minded leaders who share my sense of responsibility and drive to have a profound impact

  • Feedback on issues impacting my business
  • Support on difficult decisions
  • Build relationships with peers who really understand
Vistage NYC

Discover what’s possible when CEOs put their minds together

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Mark Taylor Vistage NYC

My Story

My name is Mark Taylor. As a Master Chair for Vistage, I’ve made it my business to help CEOs like you succeed.

I will never forget the day the first business I founded failed. After laying off my employees and selling the office furniture, I can vividly remember the tears streaming down my face as I locked the office door the last time. I pulled down the sign with my company name and sat on the steps. I was haunted by that failure wondering…

Thirteen years later, I managed to start my second business. There was no way I was going to fail this time because I was introduced to something that changed my life — a CEO peer organization called Vistage. I met monthly with a group of 15 CEOs and a professional facilitator.

mark taylor detroit news

I finally learned…I didn’t fail because I wasn’t a smart guy; I failed because I didn’t have a smart support system.

My company became the 58th fastest growing company in the state. The collective wisdom of unbiased peers who challenged my answers helped me to be profitable every year. I sold that company in 2005.

It was because of the failure of my first business and the life changing success of my second business – thanks to Vistage – that I’ve made it my business to help CEOs like you succeed.

What could you achieve if you had a smart group of CEOs to help you with your challenges?

I would like to invite you to experience a Vistage meeting as my guest and meet with a group of CEOs like you.

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Mark Taylor speaking at TEDx Times Square

Mark Taylor Delivers. Real life examples.

True stories. Actionable Take-Aways.

Mark’s experience, knowledge, and expertise makes a real difference in the lives of CEOs and senior executives as he inspires and motivates them to implement meaningful change in their companies and personal lives.

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I am recognizing and stopping harmful negative thoughts more often. It has made me more calm and confident as a leader.

Beth Ward
CEO & Founder / Beth Ward Studios

It has helped me to not be over concerned and react negatively when things don’t go our way (what is good or bad)? To look for what gifts can come from it.

Chris Polek
CEO / Polek & Polek

I’m already getting grateful and admiring comments related to my improved emotional intelligence, humility, and clarity.

Mark DiMassimo
Founder / DiMassimo Goldstein

It allowed me to expand my perspective during COVID and lead my team with a “gift” lens rather than a “disaster” lens.

Christine Courtney
President / The Leadership Program

It has taught me to be more patient and understanding of other people’s issues. It gives me an insight into why they react the way they do and how I can work to accept that. it all starts with me and the way I show up.

Ryan Jennings
CEO / Sentinel Builders, LLC

The program has really tamped down my stress level and I am now much better at falling back to sleep at night. I have also become more empathetic at work and a much better listener.

Judy Paul
CEO / The Washington Square Hotel

It was the single most important experience that has significantly impacted my personal and professional life.

Andrew W. Singer
Managing Partner / Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP

Mark Taylor is recognized by Vistage as a Master Chair, which means they consider him to be one of the best in the country. To me, he is just the best, period. This shows up in his consistent ability to attract the most extraordinary business leaders to his groups, and to foster an environment of mutual support, challenge and growth. The proof is in the business and life results of each individual in each group and of their businesses. My business, for example, has been recognized by Inc. magazine each year since I joined Vistage as one of the fastest growing private businesses in the country – so far, for four years in a row. By every measure we are bigger, better, stronger and more profitable. And equally satisfying is the fact that we are able to do a lot more good for more organizations. My evolution as a leader has dramatically accelerated since joining Vistage, and this is a direct result of the peer interactions in our group, of the exceptional material of the speakers, of the issue processing in our Triad and monthly meeting, and of Mark’s mentorship as well. My results are typical of the dramatic advances made by other members of my Vistage group. It’s incredibly satisfying, and deeply educational too, to see my fellow members tackle difficult business problems and come back stronger. I’ve also seen members grow and sell their businesses for phenomenal figures I just couldn’t believe until they had the checks in hand. And I’ve seen others recommit to leading their businesses for the long run, but on their own terms, and I share their sense of mission and satisfaction. I couldn’t recommend Mark Taylor’s Vistage groups any more highly than I do. Business changing and life changing!


Mark DiMassimo

“As a member of a Vistage CEO group for more than 20 years, I’ve developed better decision-making skills, appreciated the supportive environment, and garnered greater confidence in operating my business more effectively.”

Judy Paul

“It need not be lonely at the top, but it certainly will be if you only have interested parties (employees, partners, bosses, investors, board-members, etc.) and family to support you. If you lack the right external support system, you’ll likely lean too heavily on your team, and this often creates unfortunate repercussions. You may think you have no time for an outside commitment such as Vistage, but all the members of my Vistage group have found that perspective and a strong support system create much more time than they take.”

Mark DiMassimo

“I have gained unique insights to improve my organization that haven’t been offered elsewhere. Additionally, I have enjoyed the relationships that have been formed with the other members and have appreciated the confidentiality that is maintained throughout our meetings.”

Patricia Dahl

“Unlike CEO’s in corporate America, small business CEO’s are isolated and often make critical decisions in a vacuum. Vistage provides a sounding board of experienced CEO’s who are committed to providing guidance and direction to their Vistage peers to ensure that business decisions implemented are well thought out and right for their business.

Peter Ferrigno

Vistage is the best investment I have made in my personal development since I launched my company 18 years ago. My Vistage Chair and peer CEOs are my sounding board. I trust each of them to give me sound advice and honest feedback on the tough issues I’m facing today, and the questions and opportunities looming as I look long-term.”

Susan White Morrissey
Founder & CEO / White + Warren

“As my business grew and I achieved a level of success, the landscape became more and more difficult to navigate. Making the transition from a business owner who controlled everything to a leader of a capable and independent team was the most daunting challenge I had ever faced.  Vistage allowed me to be successful through this transition by connecting me with other business owners who were navigating the same challenges and providing fantastic speakers who provide different ways of looking at my business.

Mark Laufer

“Joining Vistage gives me one day out of the month to get out of the hustle & bustle of the office to refocus, learn from the resources and come back with new ideas to implement. I have enjoyed speakers and leave every meeting with new ideas and actions to take when I get back to the office. It has been a worthwhile investment in my personal and professional development and as a result, I have become a better leader. As the chair of my Vistage group, Mark has demonstrated a great ability to keep the group on track and have impact. Mark is a great motivator and has many valuable ideas that have helped me grow, both personally and professionally. Thanks Mark!”

Michael Feldman

“Mark is passionate about making an impact in the lives of CEO’s and their businesses in a holistic manner. He seeks to bring resources to bear for each person he connects with in every manner possible through connecting with external resources to coaching and team development. I confidently recommend Mark as a coach and resource for any CEO who wants to continue learning and evolve personally and professionally.”

Jonathan Satovsky
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