Why a Blog for CEOs?

I’m a CEO. At least, I was for 16 years until I sold my company. I’m at a time in my life, when I want to give back for the success I’ve achieved in business. I want to share my experience and the knowledge that I’ve gained along the way. One of the greatest sources of wisdom that I received was from being a member of Vistage International for 11 years. You may have heard of Vistage (it used to be called TEC). It is the world’s leading chief executive organization with 15,000 members in 16 countries.

I’m pleased to announce that Vistage has selected me to lead a group of CEOs in Manhattan to help them become better leaders, who make better decisions and achieve better results.

That is my intention of this blog. I will share with you my thoughts, advice, rants, and wisdom in an effort to fulfill our mission of increasing the effectiveness and enhancing lives of CEOs.

I invite you to write to me about your biggest challenges and I will provide you with my perspective on what you can do to be a better leader.