CEO Survey Says: Less Stress about the Economy

Are you stressed out about the economy?

You are not alone. 66% of business owners are feeling stress about the economy and at the same time, they are less stressed than in August. According to an American Express survey of 600 business owners conducted over the past several weeks,

“Two-thirds of small business owners say they are stressed out about the state of the economy this year, up from 55% in February of last year, but down from 71% in August.”

That’s a 5% improvement!

I have had the privilege of meeting with over 30 CEOs in the past several weeks at think tanks here in Manhattan. It is encouraging for me to hear that some businesses are thriving and others are seeing things begin to pick up.

The think tanks, facilitated by Vistage chairs, consist of 12-16 local business owners, company presidents, and CEOs who meet monthly in a confidential group setting to help each other tackle the most challenging issues they face in running and growing their businesses. It is amazing to witness the power of these groups.