What does it take to develop the great leader already within you?

If you’ve read the book Tribal Leadership or watched our TED Talk, you may want to know how to apply these insights and methods in your own company or career.

Learn how to become a leader who naturally inspires people, attracts passionate talent to your projects, and leads people to create results that have a big impact.

Tribal Leadership is not just for people who own and run companies and small businesses; it is for everyone who wants to develop their full potential in life.  The leadership model for the 21st Century requires that people in every role in the company or organization be leaders in the positions they happen to hold.

Learn how to be a leader right now, flourish in your current position, and be seen as a major contributor to the project and mission.

Leadership is no longer about executives and senior managers dictating what needs to happen. A stable and effective culture emerges when each person follows and leads as appropriate to the workflow and dynamic of their projects.

“If you know me, you know that I have done a lot of courses in my lifetime. I have had the privilege of studying with Fernando Flores, Ken Wilber, Fred Kofman, Peter Senge, Julio Olalla, Humberto Maturana, and others.

I completed the Tribal Leadership course and I have to say that this was one of the best leadership courses I have ever taken. I highly recommend this course for every leader and executive that wants to learn to be the leader.” Mark Taylor, Vistage Chair NYC

The Tribal Leadership Intensive is a 12-week program, presented in two parts.

The major benefits are:

  • Develop the leader already within you
  • Naturally inspire people
  • Attract passionate talent to your projects
  • Create results that have a big impact
  • Lead right now in your current position
  • Be a major contributor to the project and mission



Announcement: Tribal Leadership Intensive

 The training is delivered online and by teleconference.  Learn more:

Tribal Leadership Intensive