Negotiation Expert Jack Kaine to Speak at Vistage NYC

Vistage Speaker Jack Kaine

Most people don’t negotiate—they fight. And when people fight, everyone loses. On Thursday, March 3, Master Negotiator and Vistage Speaker Jack Kaine is speaking to our Vistage Key Group. Click Here to see a short video preview of his talk.

Negotiating is nothing more than gaining the favor of people from whom you want things. Anytime two people trade information with the intent of changing the relationship, they are negotiating. Ideally, it should be a simple process, but more often than not it gets fouled up, usually through competition, a lack of understanding, and a lack of good negotiating skills.

With this in mind, Kaine covers a number of practical and useful areas to help improve your negotiating skills including:

  • The 3 necessary conditions for a negotiation
  • Basic “musts” for a good negotiation
  • 3 elements to take under control during a negotiation
  • Agreements and assumptions
  • How to create a positive climate for negotiation
  • Using questions effectively during a negotiation

Value: Kaine has excellent insights, tools, and techniques for part of the negotiation process. He provides very specific, practical, and usable information.

Biography: Each year, Kaine teaches thousands of people the secrets of negotiations and sales principles. In the past, Kaine has taught negotiating at Stanford University, Texas A&M University, the University of Kansas, and Humber College. He is also a member of Vistage’s prestigious “200 Club” – having reached a significant milestone of successfully presenting to more than 200 CEO, SB and Key groups for Vistage International and was 2002 Speaker of the Year for Vistage.