Lead Your Organization to the Next Level with Tribal Leadership

Have the ideas from Tribal Leadership gotten a hold of you? Are you interested in becoming a more influential leader, having a great workplace culture, and moving your organization to the next level?
Leadership in the 21st century is no longer about executives and senior managers dictating what needs to happen. Everyone can be (and arguably “should be”) a leader. A Stage Four (We’re Great!) culture emerges when each person follows and leads as appropriate to the workflow of their business projects. Each person “leads” the team while they are doing their work on the project, and then supports the other when it is their turn. The idea of being cogs in the wheel is an old model from the past century. 
Situations are hardest when people have tight deadlines. Tempers often flare.  Effective leadership stabilizes people and produces a culture in which everyone has a role to play. Each person must be empowered to take full command of their job, have great communication with others, and make decisions aligned upon values.

You are probably nodding your head saying, “Of course.”
But let’s pause for a moment and ask a really tough question:

Is this just an idea or theory or is this something you know in your bones from the experience of having actually upgraded and stabilized a culture already?

My colleague, Dr. Dennis Williams, and I, will be teaching the next Tribal Leadership Intensive which begins on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 and shows you exactly how to accomplish this.

This 12-week leadership immersion experience turns out professionals who have the skills and perspective to be “Tribal Leaders” — leaders whose teams produce vastly superior results by synchronizing culture and strategy.
Graduates of this program awaken the leader that is within them and become the type of people who design great cultures and leverage the power of relationships to achieve unprecedented results. This program is ideally suited for managers, executives, and consultants who want the ideas and perspectives from Tribal Leadership to take hold in their organizations.

Tribal Leadership, the book, provides a remarkable insight into culture and gives a clear path for those who seek to elevate their performance to higher levels. Tribal Leadership, the Intensive, gives individuals the tools to become key operatives in raising levels of performance of their teams and achieving higher goals. What I learned in the Intensive I immediately put into practice with great results.” — Don Campbell, Sr. VP Physician Leadership
If you would like to learn more, please join me on a complementary call where I will provide an overview of the course this Thursday, May 12th at  7-8pm Eastern. Sign up for Intensive Overview call.

The Tribal Leadership Intensive provides an essential shift in thinking and an experience of using the Tribal Leadership tools to upgrade and create stable Stage Four cultures.

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