CEO List of Best Restaurants in NYC

In our Vistage meeting yesterday, I surveyed the CEOs and asked them for the best restaurants in NYC. Our speaker was from Los Angeles and wanted to take his wife out to dinner. For those that are not familiar with a Vistage meeting, this is a group of a dozen of Manhattan’s top business owners and CEOs that meet once a month to serve as a peer advisory group. Members help one another make better decisions by getting feedback from an unbiased group of peers and learn to become better leaders through expert speaker workshops.

Here are the top 13 restaurants in NYC in no particular order:

  1. Jean Georges—French; the original overlooking Central Park
  2. Eleven Madison Park–French
  3. Blue Hill –American; (President Obama ate here)
  4. Gotham Bar & Grill –American
  5. Marea–Seafood
  6. Il Mulino—Italian; (President Obama ate here)
  7. Telepan–American
  8. Pepolino–Italian
  9. Colicchio & Sons—American
  10. Buddakan–Asian
  11. Hearth – American
  12. Old Homestead –Steak
  13. Scalletta—Italian