CEOs, Do You Know How to Motivate the Millennial Generation?

For the first time in human history, there are four generations in the workforce. There are 44 million Traditionalists, 80 million Baby Boomers, 68 million Generation Xers and 72 million Millennials, or Gen Yers. There will be no escaping the demographic reality that in the very near future: 80 million retiring Baby Boomers and only 72 million Millennials to replace them. This will create an employee vacuum in the workforce, increasing demand and competition for Gen Y employees, and augmenting the challenges of leading a multigenerational workforce.Participants will walk away with actionable information regarding:

  • Generational Differences
  • Gen Y Challenges
  • Gen Y Strengths
  • Recruiting and Retaining Gen Y: Implementing five “magnet factors” that attract and keep the best of Gen Y in your workforce
  • Strategies and Tactical Steps to Better Manage Gen Y: An eight-factor action list

Dr. Gustavo will identify for each participant his/her own organizational “magnet factor” strengths and challenges as well as identify immediate tactical steps s/he can take to overcome those “magnet factor” challenges. Given the reality of the demographics, every industry will be competing for the same people. Understanding and managing these factors will ensure success for the Vistage participants’ businesses.

Biography: Gustavo Grodnitzky has a Ph.D. in clinical and school psychology and has extensive experience in interpersonal communications, strategic planning, change management and development of organizational culture. He has been a consultant for corporations and individual executives, working with management and staff to increase their effectiveness and success at numerous Fortune 500, mid-sized and smaller companies. Dr. Gustavo has presented at a variety of national and international professional conferences, has written numerous manuscripts for publication and is often called on to review books and manuscripts prior to publication.