How to Turbo-Charge your Business

In business, you need the right business tools and know-how to be successful. I just watched and listened to The Lean Startup, a visual book summary from fellow Vistage member Steve Cunningham. In a nutshell, businesses need to build, measure, and learn as fast as possible to increase their chances to create a sustainable business. One crucial task is to create metrics that are actionable, accessible and audit-able.

I learned about metrics from Vistage speaker Kragi Kramers, an eight-time veteran CEO and author of CEO Tools: The Nuts-n-Bolts of Business for Every Manager’s Success. It absolutely changed the way I ran my business and my life.

If you are a NYC based CEO, business owner, or C-Level executive, you may qualify to come to a complimentary workshop that Kraig is giving in Manhattan. He will put easy-to-use management tools directly in your hands to make more money and improve your success immediately. These are “go-do-it” tools, not just more “how to” lessons.

In this workshop, you will learn the how and why of Key Indicators as well as methodologies for insuring that key executives can use them effectively.

This session will include:

  • Why key indicators at all?
  • Making key indicators work for you!
  • What should key indicators be?
  • Key Indicator Starter Set.
  • Advanced Key Indicators.
  • How to get CEOs to use key indicators.
  • Implementation tools.
  • Reviewing KI’s at monthly meetings.
  • Summary: Key Indicators & tracking.