CEOs, Executives: Do You Think Leadership is a Calling?

We do.

If you are an executive, business owner, or entrepreneur who is striving to achieve high performance, accomplishing bigger goals, and improving the bottom line, we invite you to apply for the new Tribal Leadership Executive program. This program is limited to 30 qualified executives, and will be led Tribal Leadership co-author Dave Logan and myself.

The benefits include learning:

  1. How to reinvent yourself as an executive leader, using the latest thinking, research, and tools. Most executives are not effective leaders. You’ll see why and how you can and must do better. Techniques that make the miracle stories of modern corporations — Apple, Google, etc. These techniques aren’t simple, but they are learnable.
  2. The steps for creating a collaborative, transparent culture that is stable at Stage Four for substantial increases in productivity and profits.
  3. How to artfully adjust your work culture, using small steps that produce massive effects.
  4. How to develop Tribal Leaders throughout your organization.

You will work on creating a strategy to achieve an outcome that will address your greatest challenge — a strategy that when implemented will produce a significant return on your investment.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll network with executives who are committed to creating thriving organizations with world-class cultures, and who feel the same call to leadership that you feel.