A Noble Cause Inspires People to Take Action—Even When They Don’t Feel Like it!

The last thing I want to do today (on my vacation in Brazil) is go back to Reviravolta and paint again. My back and shoulders are sore and I am tired. Why am I doing this I ask myself? My wife and son feel the same way.

We do it to make a difference.

My daughter, Melissa Witcher, manages the not-for profit, Reviravolta—which is dedicated to helping the homeless people of Sao Paulo transition back to the workplace and transform their lives. She is a saint who works 12 hours a day for very little money in an unpleasant environment because she knows she is making a difference. She has what we call in the Tribal Leadership world a Noble Cause.

A noble cause is:

  • A common vision representing the yearnings of a tribe
  • A future state brought about through coordinated action
  • Appeals to people’s best efforts and passions
  • A Noble Cause betters the world
    • Advances human kind
    • Creates positive energy
    • Provides the big picture
    • Resonates values
    • Sincere, authentic, transcending
    • Exciting, infectious

A noble cause is bigger than what one person can do alone, no matter how many people are offering support; it requires people’s best efforts and passions.

For projects and companies to succeed, they need the engagement of the team. As human beings, we are motivated to greatness when we believe in the cause. This is why we do things when we don’t want to, like make one more sales call on a rainy Friday afternoon. Or volunteer to paint while on vacation.

What is your Noble Cause?