Founding Member of New York Vistage Trusted Advisor Group Gil Fishman

Congratulations Gil Fishman on Five Years of Vistage Trusted Advisor Service!

Gil is a risk architect and senior vice president for York International Agency. York is a risk management and full service Insurance agency that provides property/casualty, life, disability, health insurance benefits and personal insurance policies for business owners and individuals. York offers a unique audit process to identify and mitigate risk issues that improves balance sheet protection and helps lower insurance costs.  York was named #1 Best Practices independent insurance agency and winner of The Westchester Business Council’s 2015 Hall of Fame Award.

In the past five years as a Vistage NYC Trusted Advisor, Gil has been actively engaged and an essential member of the group. Gil is truly an expert in his field and goes beyond the call of duty in providing services. One member saved over a million dollars in health insurance as a result of Gil’s counsel. Many of my CEO members have thanked me for the advice he provides.

Gil reflected on the impact of Vistage in his life and offered insights for other CEO’s:

“CEO’s become better leaders of their respective companies when they have an independent group of peers to process their issues and challenges. Vistage offers this benefit and many others. Vistage has made me a better human being, both in private life and in my business world. It has taught me the art of listening better, along with the core value of exhibiting trust and honesty in all my affairs.”

Thank you, Gil. It has been a pleasure to work with such a thoughtful and accomplished member for the past five years.