Eric Ribner Joins Vistage NYC Trusted Advisor Group

Eric Ribner is a SVP, Senior Advisor, at Multifunding. Multifunding has one goal: to get small businesses financing that works.The company works with hundreds of lenders across the country in order to find the best loan for their client’s business. MultiFunding puts clients in contact with their network of lenders, and uses their expertise to help close the right loan for the client.

eric ribner-1

Eric is an expert on a wide variety of finance related issues, with a strong understanding of complex industrial companies transferable across industries. After graduating from Tuft University and then Columbia Business School in 1995, he has spent the last twenty years working in a wide variety of finance related positions—from equity analyst, to portfolio manager, to financial advisor, to CFO, and now as SVP, Senior Advisor. This professional diversity within the domain of finance has equipped him to truly understand the needs of NYC CEO’s.

When asked what he hopes to contribute to other NYC Vistage members, he responded, “I’ve seen a lot of different industries and a lot of different businesses. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. I look forward to contributing my business sense and professional experience.”

Eric’s financial perspective will definitely be a benefit to all of our group members. Welcome to the group!