Join Us! Vistage NYC February CEO Live Event: What is Your Financing Strategy?

What would you do if you had $10 million to invest in your business?

Our February speaker is Ami Kassar, he has advised the White House, The Treasury Department and The Federal Reserve Bank on the state of the financing markets.

Business strategy and financial strategy are intertwined. Often CEO’s get stuck because they don’t understand where their business is in a lifecycle, what is inhibiting growth, and the best possible financing strategies at the right time. In this highly interactive workshop, members go through five modules.

  • The stages of a business lifecycle– and understanding where each member’s business fits.
  • Financing solutions/options and alternatives at various life cycle stages — including bank loans, SBA loans, ABL facilities, mezzanine debt, real estate and equipment financing.
  • Understanding each CEO’s tolerance for risk – and how this is impacting their financing/growth plans
  • Reviewing current debt in each member’s business – and understanding if they are under leveraged and if so by how much
  • Each member presents a financial goal for their business in three years and develops an understanding of what is stopping them from getting them there.

A 25-year study of thousands of executives published in the Harvard Business Review showed the top 5% of leaders have a professional network who challenges their assumptions and practices as well as those of your company and industry.

If you are a qualified Manhattan CEO who is passionate about learning to bring your business to the next level and doing a minimum of $10 million in annual revenue, you can come as my guest and see, hear, and experience a Vistage meeting. To get more information please schedule a time to speak with me here or complete the following: