Creating and Sustaining Engagement with Millennials as a CEO

creating and sustaining engagements with millenials as a ceo

With the continued entry of millennials into the workforce, how do you, as the CEO, create and sustain engagement with them?

In short, the key is to understand that millennials have different expectations and values than previous generations in the workforce.

Holly Green, CEO of The Human Factor, recently published an article on the Vistage blog, titled Boosting Engagement with Millenials, in which she shared three ways that CEOs can keep millennials engaged.

The three ways are shared below.

1. Understand what motivates them – millennials have confidence and they seek independence, so the more you can help improve their professional skills, the more productive they’ll be
2. Speak their language – get comfortable communicating in the ways millennials typically do. It may be text, or it may be through social media messaging, whatever works best, adopt and adapt.
3. Provide ongoing feedback – millennials are use to having instant feedback i.e. they post something to social media and get likes. This is instant approval, and it may need to be adopted by you to help them succeed.

As you can see, working with millennials is going to take a transition on your part as the CEO.

One of the most important takeaways that Holly shares in the article, is that “If you treat Millennials with respect, you will end up with an engaged workforce that’s committed to helping your organization win.”

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