Join Us! Vistage NYC June Live Event: Cutting-Edge, High-Level Negotiating

In this highly experiential presentation, Joe Hernandez teaches the most critical elements of successful negotiating. He provides the most current processes and tools for creating successful outcomes and transforms participants into confident and powerful negotiators. Participants leave the workshop with more negotiation expertise than 90 percent of managers in business today.

Topics include but not limited to:

  • Negotiation skills assessment
  • Defining the goal
  • Understanding leverage and how to use it
  • The psychology of creating offers
  • Removing fear and anxiety
  • Finding out what the other side wants
  • Influencing at the table
  • Creating and maintaining control at the table
  • Tools for conflict resolution
  • Dealing with the cut-throat negotiator

Joe’s program contains the psychology of negotiation, which provides significant advantage. Other negotiations programs ignore this critical component. His process and tools are the most current found in modern negotiation … very few people understand their use and the astounding results they provide.

Impact to the Bottom Line:

  • Joe assisted a client by negotiating a deal worth more than three quarters of a billion dollars that secured his client’s financial position for eight years.
  • Lead a successful negotiation where the client thought margins needed to be reduced by more than 25 percent in order to win a major long-term contract worth $90 million. Joe inked a contract worth more than $140 million without reducing margins. He was able to help them increase margins by 20 percent and managed to get the other side to ultimately propose these terms.
  • Has assisted one client in closing over $1.5 billion in contracts with results that exceeded client expectations by 300 percent.
  • For a company that was losing customers and revenues, Joe successfully negotiated multimillion-dollar opportunities that netted long term, high margin, and unforeseen revenues that not only saved the company, but catapulted it to the number one producing company in its industry.

Value to Members:

  • Understand the difference between you and the master negotiators
  • Develop a significant competitive advantage at the negotiation table
  • Understand the importance of psychology in negotiations
  • Learn how to efficiently prepare for your negotiations
  • Improve your negotiation results every single time
  • Become a confident and influential negotiator


Joe Hernandez is an international authority on high-value negotiation skills and techniques. He consults throughout the world. He is founder, president and chief operating officer of ICE Institute headquartered in Denver.

RSVP: This event is exclusively for Manhattan CEOs and business owners of companies with annual revenue of a minimum of $10m+. Reserve your seat at the table today.