Join Us! Vistage NYC July Live Event: Stop Global Boring: Presentation Mastery for Motivated Leaders

Leaders who can engage their stakeholders with clear communication and fearless presentations are far more successful than those who don’t. Too many leaders simply default to the standard, lengthy, bullet-laden PowerPoint presentations to make their points. They overuse presentation software and unintentionally infuse it into the organizational culture. As a result, audiences are bored, employees feel stifled, communication suffers, and opportunity is lost. It’s time to reduce your PowerPoint emissions.

In this intimate workshop, executive presentation coach and author of the book, Stop Global Boring: How to Create Engaging Presentations that Motivate Audiences to Action, Kathy McAfee, will share her proven methodology for high-engagement presentations. You, the participants, will be given powerful new tools, techniques, and creative strategies to help plan, message, build and deliver better presentations that produce better results every time.

As a motivated leader, you no longer have to tolerate boring presentations; not from yourself nor from others in your organization. It’s time to infuse more creativity, connection, and engagement in your presentations. It’s time to raise the bar on communication excellence in your organization.

Value to members

  • Reduce the often-overlooked costs and risks associated with bad presentations
  • Save time and resources in the upfront planning of presentations
  • Condense length, revisions, and frustration when preparing presentations
  • Showcase your vision and personal leadership brand with each presentation
  • Increase your public speaking confidence and develop skillful messaging
  • Inspire new thinking and possibilities with your improved presentations
  • Motivate your team with clear, compelling communication and call to action

Speaker Biography

Kathy McAfee is an executive presentation coach and trainer and is known as America’s Marketing Motivator. For more than 12 years, she has been working with executives and professionals to strengthen their leadership brands through presentation excellence and strategic networking. She is an award-winning blogger, and the author of two books: Stop Global Boring (2016), and Networking Ahead for Business (2010). A graduate of Stanford University in Economics, Kathy spent more than twenty years in Corporate America building brands for major global companies such as Levi Strauss, Maybelline cosmetics, and Southcorp Wines of Australia. With a strong marketing DNA, Kathy applies her knowledge, skill, and insight to help motivate and equip professionals to take their talent to the next level through communication and connection mastery. Learn more at