Join Us! Vistage NYC October Live Event: Luke Carlson: Sharpen the Saw: Evidence-Based Fitness For The High Performing Executive

There is nothing in our day that we do that is so foundationally important to all aspects of our health and performance as exercise, yet there is nothing we do all day long that we tend to do less intelligently than exercise. During this presentation, Luke will cut through the fitness myths and misconceptions that even smart exercisers are guilty of and share an evidence-based approach to exercise for the busy executive.

Learning Objectives:

  • Challenge our paradigm from which we view exercise and fitness
  • Understand the pervasive myths and misconceptions that we cling to
  • Introduce the evidence-based benefits of exercise on health and fitness
  • Introduce the workplace performance benefits of exercise that make us better at our jobs and improve our leadership potential
  • Outline an evidence-based and time efficient exercise prescription that maximizes health, fitness, appearance, and executive performance.
  • Provide specific take-home strategies for strength training and cardio-respiratory exercise

Value to Participants

Most executives think they need to spend a lot more time exercising than they actually do.  In this presentation, Carlson cuts through the fitness myths and misconceptions as he educates and inspires executives to take an evidence-based and time-efficient approach to exercise.

This free event is exclusively for CEOs and business owners of companies with annual revenues of a minimum of $10M+.

If you would like to see if you qualify and come as my guest, contact me today.

Speaker Biography

Luke Carlson is an Exercise Physiologist and founder and CEO of Discover Strength Inc. based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Discover Strength’s three personal training facilities are among the highest volume training facilities in the US. Luke speaks around the world on the topics of evidence-based exercise and the fundamentals of building successful businesses.  He is the co-author of two books, a contributing author to magazines including Runners World and Running Times, and has co-authored multiple scientific journal articles on the topics of resistance exercise.  Luke is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist, Cancer Exercise Specialist and has a BS and MS in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota.