Vistage NYC Member Highlight: Steve Miller, CEO of Irvin Simon Photographers

In this month’s member highlight section, I feature Steve Miller, President of Irvin Simon Photographers. Irvin Simon Photographers has been capturing beautiful portraits of students for over 70 years. Steve’s been CEO since 2001 and works hand in hand with his brother and business partner, Eric.

Steve graduated from Brown University, and then started his career at Children’s Television Workshop, as well as Scholastic, Inc. He also worked as a teacher in Providence, NYC and Cape Town. Steve’s background in the classroom helps propel his business to success.

Irvin Simon Photographers focuses on working with children in schools to capture beautiful and natural expressions, and at the same time have a fun picture day experience. As they like to say, “Picture day is our favorite day!”

School clients count on them to provide a smooth, fun, and professional Picture Day experiences for the parents, teachers, and students.

I asked Steve a few questions, in the hopes everyone may get to know him a little bit better. Steve’s answers are below.

What would you like people to know about you?
I am a proud member of the Urban Choir Project and the Brooklynite Choir. My wife and I live in Brooklyn with our two daughters.

If you were going to offer a new CEO a tip or advice, what would you say?
People are the most important ingredient to a successful business. As a small business owner, I have the privilege of surrounding myself with positive, smart, enthusiastic and kind people. It is our people that power our business and help us deliver the very best school portraits to our clients. My advice would be to focus on retaining the best folks, supporting them and giving them what they need to succeed.

In your years as a Vistage member, why do you stay in?
I like how Vistage makes me feel uncomfortable. I get unfiltered feedback, from experienced people. The group challenges forces me to challenge and test my assumptions, and pushes me outside my comfort zone. This process ultimately results in a clearer focus on what is important.

What has been your greatest take-away?
Vistage forces me to raise my own expectations and gives me access to invaluable insights from others who have been there before.

Thank you for your time, commitment, and effort over the years Steve, you are a valued Vistage NYC member, and I know the group looks forward to you being a member for years to come.

If you’re already a Vistage NYC member, please help me in congratulating Steve, and if you’re not a current Vistage NYC member, I’d suggest reaching out to me via my contact form, and discussing how we can get you to one of our exciting upcoming events.