What CEOs Should Invest in Over the Next Six Months

In the most recent Vistage Research, Decision Factors for H2 2017, publication, Brian Beaulieu, head of the research consultancy, ITR Economics, recommended that businesses consider investing in the areas listed below:

  1. Top talent:What business leaders can predict fairly well, he says, is whether it’s time to replace lackluster workers and pay up for skilled recruits who can take their firm to the next level – or whether it’s wiser to replace underperformers with hardware or software that will more than pay for itself over time. Companies hesitating on this front may struggle to keep pace with competitors taking such steps.
  2. Upgrade technology: “The cost of capital is still cheap if you need to borrow money for technology,” Beaulieu says. “We should all be borrowing as much as we can now,” he suggests, arguing that short-term rates tend to increase well in advance of long-term rates. “This is a signal
    to secure the capital before long-term rates go up in about 18 months.”
  3. Low-cost loans: On the off-chance Congress repeals the Dodd-Frank financial regulation act, acquiring loans should become easier and firms should make investing for growth even more of a priority. Dodd-Frank created agencies to prevent banks with more than $50 billion in assets from becoming too big to fail and protect consumers from predatory financial practices.

Given the outlook, be sure your business is taking advantage of the growth opportunities while staying tied into your Vistage groups for updates.

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Source: Vistage Research, Decision Factors for H2 2017