Join Us! Vistage NYC November Live Event: The Seven Fundamental Cash Drivers

Virtually every business leader is counting on their business to be a key component of their financial future. Far fewer leverage the 7 Cash Drivers, found right on their corporate financial statements, to directly impact business profit, cash flow, and enterprise value. Join us in this workshop to arm yourself with the same insights that private equity firms and banks use to assess a company, and use these 7 Cash Drivers to immediately take your financial performance to a whole new level! This session arms business owners to aim at what financially matters most in their companies. Most business leaders count on the business for their financial future, but do they know the cash drivers that directly impact profits and enterprise value?

Value to participants:
You will learn:

  • How to pinpoint business issues and gain actionable insights
  • How understanding key cash drivers can impact your company performance this year, next year, and beyond

We’ll share actionable strategies you can take and use immediately that will help you to:

  • Access capital at lower rates
  • Better assess new initiatives
  • Forecast profitability
  • Make the enterprise more valuable to potential buyers
This free event is exclusively for CEOs and business owners of companies with annual revenues of a minimum of $10M+.

If you would like to see if you qualify and come as my guest, contact me today.