Vistage Key Executive Program Review by Adam Weiss, GM of Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office

Vistage NYC Group member Adam Weiss shares how his  Vistage Key Executive group helps him continually develop his leadership skills. Adam says the value he gets comes from the Vistage Issue Processing where he gets feedback from his peers which helps him to see his blind spots.

Adam is a founding member of this New York Vistage Key Executive Group and has been recognized as rising star by the Business Council of Westchester.

A Key Executive Group is different from a CEO Vistage Group in that it consists of C-Level Executives such as COOs, CFOs, CXOs, VPs, and Directors who want to bring their leadership to the next level. Often the Key Executive’s CEO is a member of a Vistage CEO group and they both see the same Vistage Expert Speaker Workshop in the same week, giving them common ground to discuss the application of new ideas they both learned.