Vistage Tri-State CEO Confidence is High

Each quarter, Vistage surveys members that are CEOs of small to mid-sized businesses to produce the CEO Confidence Index. Vistage has been surveying CEOs of small to mid-sized businesses since 2003.

Vistage New York Area Q4 2017 CEO Confidence Index

This report represents a comparison of data from Vistage CEOs nationally to those located in the Tri-State (NY-NJ-CT) area. Key insights from comparing this local data to national data include:

  •  Vistage CEO member confidence is high—the most optimistic since 2004.
  •  69% of Vistage Tri-State (NY-NJ-CT) CEOs thought the national economy had improved.
  •  Vistage CEOs (79%) are expecting their revenue to increase in 2018.
  •  Most Vistage NYC CEOs (65%) are expecting rising profits.
  •  64% of Vistage New York CEOs plan to hire more employees.

Download the entire report Mark Taylor Q4 2017 Confidence Index Tri-State CT-NY-NJ