Vistage Key Executive Program Review By Simon Schaffer-Goldman, CMO at Case Paper

Vistage NYC Group member Simon Schaffer-Goldman shares how his New York Vistage Key Executive group helps him be a better listener, which in turn helps him be a better leader.

A serious learner, Simon enrolled in the Vistage Executive Leadership Program in Collaboration with Stanford Graduate School of Business. Currently, he is working on his company strategy and studying with world renown Professors Jesper Sorenson and William Barnett.

A Key Executive Group is different from a CEO Vistage Group in that it consists of C-Level Executives such as COOs, CFOs, CXOs, VPs, and Directors who want to bring their leadership to the next level.

Often Vistage Key Executive members are held accountable for their company’s results but feel only partially in control over how to achieve them. In a Vistage Key Executive Group you learn how like-minded executives have been successful in achieving alignment and influencing the direction of their organization.

Some Vistage Key Executives say that feel relied upon to provide leadership but feel mired in the urgent demands of running the business. A Vistage Key Executive Group lets them step out of the action once a month to focus on strategic planning that will help their team and business get to the next level.

If you would like to take your leadership to the next level, find out if a Vistage Key Executive Group is the right fit for you.