Join Us! Vistage NYC May Live Event: Andrea Simon – Change Matters: Finding Your Blue Ocean Strategy


In this workshop, Andrea Simon, Ph.D., anthropologist, author, and corporate consultant working with companies that need to change, takes you through a discussion and exercise to help you: Think about your business in new ways Think like a customer might Visualize new opportunities that you might not see otherwise. Using materials from the highly popular book, “Blue Ocean Strategy” — Dr. Simon takes you into the model that other companies have used to successfully find new ways to serve and solve customer needs.

What is so interesting and important about the Blue Ocean Strategy model and the research behind it, is how it offers a way of thinking about customers and non-customers to open up new “market spaces.”

What will you learn from this workshop on Blue Ocean Strategy?

  • Forget the competition
  • Re-think your own strategy
  • Really begin to see the unsolved needs of customers and non-customers in a new ways

So you can reignite change in your company so it can sustain its growth in these changing times.

In this workshop, we will engage the attendees in active learning so they can experience the tools of Blue Ocean Strategic thinking. We know that the two of the hardest things are

  1.  for a customer to see something that isn’t there yet and
  2.  for you to get out of the office and begin to really see, feel and think like your customers and even those you would like to be your customers.

These tools are crafted to help you do both.

The workshop is about how to see new opportunities by listening better within your own company, challenging the assumptions that drive your present strategy and finding ways to really “see, feel and think” in new ways. Call it innovation, or adaptation or change. The speed of change in our business environment today requires a new approach to strategy and execution so you can move quickly into new markets, shape them and soar to new heights.

Value to Participants
The approach for the presentation will help you leave with a set of ideas and techniques on how to experience new market opportunities. You will leave with specific tools that you can apply and work with. You will be able to better see, feel and think like a non-customer or a current customer. In the end, You may be able to create new market spaces to change your business strategy and grow your company in new ways.

This free event is exclusively for CEOs and business owners of companies with annual revenues of a minimum of $10M+.
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