Join Us! Vistage NYC June Live Event: Hunter Lott – Attitude: Hire The Best, Fire The Rest, And Stay Out Of Court

Our Vistage NYC June Expert Speaker is Hunter Lott, one of Vistage International’s Top Award Winning Speakers. Hunter was the Vistage Speaker of the Year and winner of the Vistage Speaker Impact Award. If you have been wanting to experience a Vistage meeting to see what it is like, this is one you won’t want to miss!

Hunter’s program is called, Attitude: Hire the Best, Fire the Rest, and Stay Out of Court!

Attitude… You get the employees you deserve! Yes, you can hire, evaluate, bonus and fire for attitude. What law keeps you from dealing with attitude? It’s not the law. It’s emotional. We don’t want to have the conversation. Turn “attitude” into “behavior” and hold people accountable. Hire the Best… Learn how to find and keep “A” players. There are not enough top performers to go around. Is it really worth the effort? Statistics show “A” players will outperform average players times four. The road to becoming a destination workplace for talent starts with why…Why should an “A” player come work for you? And don’t say corporate culture…bogus…no differentiation there…let’s see a show of hands of all those employers who admit to a bad corporate culture? Fire the Rest… Firing is something we should be good at but not comfortable with. It’s not just about how. The procedures to firing are fairly simple. It’s about the strategy. The first question that should be answered is who? Do you have an employee you are not proud of? Would the manager enthusiastically re-hire their employee? Good people know who the bad ones are. They know we know and are looking toward us for some leadership. Stay Out of Court… HR should be dedicated to the rights of management. HR should not be about compliance for compliance sake. You can be 100 percent compliant and still make lousy business decisions…think Rutgers University or the Iowa dentist who fired his assistant for being irresistibly beautiful. Employers need to know the latest compliance issues. But compliance should come from a framework of making better business decisions.

Participants will leave with an ability to audit their own businesses for risky practices and cut through the clutter of employment law to improve harmony and productivity. Included is a review of handbooks, a number of sample policies, a summary of key legal issues, tools to think like an outsider along with solutions to nagging HR frustrations.

This free event is exclusively for CEOs and business owners of companies with annual revenues of a minimum of $10M+.

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