Vistage CEO Mark DiMassimo Says Vistage Helps His Company Grow Faster

Mark DiMassimo

How fast are you learning? As a CEO, business owner or senior executive you’re driven to succeed.
Simplify and accelerate your journey. Gain perspective, insight, and guidance from people who have already faced and overcome similar challenges. Vistage members grow faster than the competition. In this short video, Mark DiMassimo, Chief of DiMassimo Goldstein, shares how his Vistage group helps him grow faster. DiMassimo Goldstein Has Been Named to Inc.’s List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies For Three  Years In A Row!

Mark says,

“My business, for example, has been recognized by Inc. magazine each year since I joined Vistage as one of the fastest growing private businesses in the country – so far, for four years in a row. By every measure, we are bigger, better, stronger and more profitable. And equally satisfying is the fact that we are able to do a lot more good for more organizations. My evolution as a leader has dramatically accelerated since joining Vistage, and this is a direct result of the peer interactions in our group, of the exceptional material of the speakers, of the issue processing in our Triad and monthly meeting, and of Mark’s mentorship as well. My results are typical of the dramatic advances made by other members of my Vistage group. It’s incredibly satisfying, and deeply educational too, to see my fellow members tackle difficult business problems and come back stronger. I’ve also seen members grow and sell their businesses for phenomenal figures I just couldn’t believe until they had the checks in hand. And I’ve seen others recommit to leading their businesses for the long run, but on their own terms, and I share their sense of mission and satisfaction. I couldn’t recommend Mark Taylor’s Vistage groups any more highly than I do. Business changing and life changing!”