Vistage NYC Live Event: Learn How to Double Your Income with Half the Trouble with Jonathan Flaks

Jonathan Flaks
Companies spend billions of dollars training people on how to sell. They use methods and the “numbers game” theory that pushes their customers through a process that has nothing to do with the most important matter –WHY PEOPLE BUY.  Jonathan Flaks, author of “Income Double – Half The Trouble” and “Who Are You, Inc.- Bringing Out Your Best In Business”, presents the BANKCODE methodology,  proven in 40 countries to predict buying behavior in 90 seconds.

The Secrets – We debunk the lie that has confused people in sales and business development.

The Science – We start with Hippocrates’ four temperaments and Aristotle’s methods of rhetoric, then briefly review the white paper study completed by the State University of San Francisco proving that the BANKCODE methodology accurately predicts buying behavior in less than 90 seconds.

The System – Vistage members will learn each of the four personality types and how to crack someone’s “BANKCODE,” allowing them to:

  • Communicate, negotiate and close up to 300% more sales,
  • Command a room with greater charisma and influence,
  • Lead more powerfully understanding buy-in behavior is the same as buying behavior,
  • Reduce conflict and prevent misunderstandings in work and personal relationships,
  • Enhance recruiting, public/investor relations, deal sourcing, and M&A success,
  • Produce more effective marketing material by appealing to buying values.

The solution – Jonathan will provide examples and case studies demonstrating how to apply this methodology for reliable results.

Uniqueness – This program is the only comprehensive, personality-science based sales system that is reverse engineered and developed specifically from buying behavior.  Everyone will get a free personality assessment, valued between $50 and $175.  Jonathan is one of 33 coaches – in a sea of 47,500 – who earned the Master Certified Coach credential and has worked with C-suite executives, leading financial advisors and entrepreneurs.

This free event is exclusively for CEOs and business owners of companies with annual revenues of a minimum of $10M+.