Vistage’s Emerging Leader Program!

The Vistage Emerging Leader Program prepares your rising stars to become your next generation of leaders. Participants develop core leadership competencies and confidence, empowering them to deliver on company goals. Unlike other leadership programs that squeeze material into a few back-to-back days and leave implementation at risk, Vistage emerging leaders focus on one topic at a time to encourage mastery. Participants will be challenged to advance their careers within your company, rather than seek outside opportunities. Develop a proven team of senior leaders equipped to take your company to the next level!

Benefits to your Organization

  • Bench strength: Fill mission-critical leadership roles with trusted employees.
  • Employee retention: Incentivize top talent to seek advancement in-house through a culture of leadership development.
  • Improved execution: Improve the competency of all levels of leadership to develop an organization that is effective, adaptable, and empowered.
  • Core leadership competencies: Training in 12 leadership competencies within four key areas: personal, interpersonal, team, and organizational leadership.
  • Vistage Mentorship Framework: Each participant will build a mentor/mentee relationship with a senior manager in your organization creating greater retention of rising stars. “83% of workers participating in a mentoring program admitted that their experience positively influenced their desire to stay at their organization.”

The Vistage peer group experience

  • Facilitated by Vistage Chair Mark Taylor, group meetings are focused on a single leadership competency to encourage mastery.
  • Top-performing managers and individual contributors collaborate with peers from inside and outside their companies toward the common goal of preparing for greater leadership roles.
  •  Expert Vistage speakers lead interactive workshops on the 12 core leadership competencies.

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