Vistage NYC Trusted Advisor Group

The Vistage NYC Trusted Advisors are professional service advisors to CEOs who are committed to helping each other grow professionally & personally through valuable introductions and peer coaching.

We are seeking a few experts who want to contribute by helping our 500+ local CEOs and 20,000 national members through resolving business issues, answering questions, and providing exceptional service.

We select only one person from each industry, providing exclusive representation.

Members meet twice monthly in a professional forum to discuss, exchange, grow, develop, and make introductions to one another.

A great Trusted Advisor has the following character:

  •  Expertise – a respected expert in their designated area of practice
  •  Curious – a lifelong learner who is willing to invest in their own development
  •  Trustworthy – has a demonstrated track record of delivering on personal and professional commitments
  • Connected – Regularly deals with a significant number and range of businesses, primarily at the CEO level.
  • Giving – Is pleased to invest time in a meeting, conversation or e-mail to assist a Chair in addressing issues impacting their members regardless of the potential business opportunities.
  • Maturity – Able to clearly identify and respect confidential information and situations
  • Passionate – loves what they do!

You can see what a few of our members say here:

The Vistage NYC Trusted Advisor Program is not for everybody.

Candidates are only invited to join after a selection process which includes an interview, attendance at a group meeting, and reference check.

In order to become a Vistage Trusted Advisor, individuals need to have a strong reputation for providing exceptional service, meeting and exceeding expectations and commitments and going beyond the call of duty.  Another key aspect of the individuals whom we invite to join the TA program is that they possess a strong CEO clientele in Manhattan and CEOs are their primary business focus.

If you would like to see if you qualify, please complete the following: