Do You Want to Take your Company to the Next Level? October Live Event

Our October Award-Winning Vistage Speaker is Tom Foster, author of Outbound Air: Levels of Work on Organizational Structure and Hiring Talent: Decoding Levels of Work in the Behavioral Interview.

His program is: Management Myths and Time Span, the Research of Elliott Jaques

In the hopes of filling a position in the corporate org chart, we diligently interview, do personality testing and check references. We hire the person with the best of intentions only to find them failing after a few short weeks. We select our top performer and promote them to the next level, introduce them to the team as their new leader, only to find them floundering and earning no respect. You just promoted Sally — she is now in your office complaining that her new boss has his head in the clouds and is completely out of touch with the real problems facing the department. Ten minutes later, Sally’s boss, Joe, is in your office complaining about Sally, his new direct report, saying that she is totally incompetent and cannot see the big picture. What did we miss?

Tom Foster will present the works and statistically significant scientific findings of the late Elliott Jaques, the psychologist who discovered a correlation between workers across industries and their ability to handle different levels of mental complexity. Particular areas that will be addressed are:

  • the flat organization is a misguided management fad — organizational hierarchy is important and exists for very specific reasons
  • a hiring manager will not willingly hire anyone at or above his or her level of mental complexity
  • personality conflicts in an organization are often smokescreens for a deeper reason why we should not have Sally report to Joe
  • most CEOs have difficulty understanding the true nature of executive work and often, are drawn into activity that pulls them away from higher-level responsibilities.

Value to Participants: From the presentation, participants will become familiar with Elliott Jaques’ “Human Progression Model.” You will understand the impact of this missing link in:

  • most hiring processes
  • reporting relationships
  • defining appropriate levels (complexities) of work.

This free event is exclusively for CEOs and business owners of companies with annual revenues of a minimum of $10M+.