Learn to Drive Better Performance at Vistage NYC November Live Speaker Event

Feedback Fix®, is the first experience of its kind where we delve into three dimensions of feedback that give CEO’s and leaders the breakthrough, mastery, and commitment around how to drive better performance. Our facilitators are Melissa Goodwin and Tamara Carrillo, who are both leaders in the field of Leadership and Organizational Development. Together they bring over two decades of experience in leadership & team development, culture transformation, and executive coaching

Feedback in the workplace has been positioned as a one-way conversation for years, or worse, a once-a-year event called the “annual review”.  Feedback Fix® allows each leader to delve inside their specific world to better understand where feedback can solve for performance issues, conflict, and higher workflow. Members will learn what it takes to deliver situational and fearless feedback that becomes a daily occurrence instead of a once-a-year review. The IdeaHouse blends the most innovative research, brain science, experiential learning and real stories to have members harness a new way to communicate, lead, and get the job done. Leaders from Fortune 100 companies have left this workshop inspired to create a movement around building a culture of feedback and as a result companies are experiencing higher levels of engagement, employee growth and retention, and an increase in overall performance.

Feedback is not just about learning a tool to deliver better communication. If it were that, the problems in organizations today would be solved. The skill of delivering feedback goes much deeper and requires a shift in one’s entire mindset. FEEDBACK FIX® is an experience unlike any other leadership development workshop in the world. This highly immersive session will change the way members give and receive feedback to everyone they work with from this point forward.  Results include better work output, higher engagement scores, longer employee retention, culture improvement, team trust, and greater customer service and sales.

FEEDBACK FIX® is comprised of key breakthroughs that prove to be unlike any other feedback experience on the market. The IdeaHouse knows that the blend of case studies, instructional design, and an intuitive formula is the secret sauce to producing a new level of leadership and communication. Members will have the opportunity to apply the learning to their real-world examples and contexts. The following are specific takeaways:

  1. Members will discover breakthrough skills on how to both have the tools, the right mindset, and the clear communication to be a solid deliverer of relevant and valuable feedback in every context. Whether it’s a tough conversation or a teachable moment, The IdeaHouse will give leaders the ability to create a positive impact on those they lead.
  2. Members will also learn strategies on how to foster a culture of feedback and part of that culture begins with being a good seeker and recipient of feedback. This skill will not only make a difference personally on the member but has the power to cascade through the entire organization if done right. Examples will be given as to why the skill of receiving feedback is especially important for CEO’s and their executive team.
  3. Members will receive the formula to transform their culture. Feedback is only as good as the person delivering it – but how does a leader get their entire organization to buy-in to daily interactions of making one another better? Members will explore case studies and the how-to on building a feedback movement inside their organization – including collaboration on how to make it work for each specific type of team or business model.

Value to members
Vistage members will benefit in three ways:

  1. Members will experience a highly interactive learning environment that will provide an opportunity to both understand and own areas for improvement while collaborating with one another.
  2. Members will practice on the spot with their own real-world scenarios. The IdeaHouse believes the immediate application is the best way to learn, and members will benefit from activities that demonstrate new ways to refine feedback in one’s world and organization.
  3. There something for everyone to apply, especially at the executive level. We have seen hundreds of leaders transform his or her organization with just one of many tools from our experience. We provide case studies, statistics, skills, action planning, and content that will give members a new perspective and ability to handle the oftentimes painful feedback conversations.

This free event is exclusively for CEOs and business owners of companies with annual revenues of a minimum of $10M+.