Join Us! Vistage NYC January 2019 Live Event: AmyK Hutchens – Ignite Brilliance in Your Creativity & Innovation

It’s time to THINK DIFFERENT! After several years of cloudy skies, executives are actively shifting from survival mode and risk aversion to seeking off-the-chart growth and game-changing behavior. In this highly interactive and engaging workshop, AmyK Hutchens will share how to develop an innovative strategy for your company that involves visionary leadership and bold ideas that make a lasting impact. Does your company have the right skills to take on tomorrow? Do your people possess the behaviors necessary to create a culture that fosters innovation and generates long-term growth? What’s the secret to getting your next great idea? AmyK shares how to generate more creative ideas and how to take these ideas to market…fast!

The three-hour presentation includes:

  • Tried, tested, proven innovation model
  • Cutting-edge concepts to spark fresh thinking
  • Practical tools to generate bigger, bolder ideas
  • Exercises to challenge the status-quo

Smart leaders understand the differences between creativity and innovation; brilliant leaders know how to leverage these differences to create sustainable advantages. Need to be sparked? If your culture and people are feeling a little stale, a little stuck, you will enjoy this refreshing plunge into boundless waters of Big Thinking.

With 1,000-plus presentations to more than 30,000 executives around the globe, AmyK will transform your perspective on what great leaders do to build creative, aligned teams and innovative companies.