Join Us! Vistage NYC March 2019 Live Event: Dan Quiggle – It CAN Be Done!

A plaque bearing this inscription “It CAN Be Done!” sat on President Ronald Reagan’s desk in the Oval Office, symbolizing hope and optimism in the limitless potential of individuals who seek opportunity and freedom. Dan Quiggle, author of the book,  Lead Like Reagan: Strategies to Motivate, Communicate, and Inspire, will share lessons of leadership taught to him personally by Ronald Reagan during his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for President Reagan in his post-presidential staff office.

Dan’s fast-paced, enthusiastic presentation demonstrates how optimism can be used to create opportunity, even in this challenging, turbulent business environment and an era of big government. Using three maxims of successful leadership, he will challenge you to examine the way you do business, reframe the way you view your role as a leader, guide you in building a personal Pyramid of Success, and demonstrate how to effectively use emotional intelligence to maximize your potential. Dan’s presentation includes personal stories and real-life scenarios covering:

  • How to build a successful foundation for growth
  • How to use emotional intelligence to lead with purpose and optimism
  • How to lead – “It CAN be Done”; Ronald Reagan believed it – do you?

Using Reagan’s four simple words “It CAN be Done” as inspiration, you will discover how to lead with purpose, direction, and optimism, helping others grow and succeed personally along the way. You will learn how to maximize that which motivates your employees and turn it into loyalty. With enthusiasm and optimism of which Ronald Reagan himself would be proud, Dan Quiggle embodies the necessity and value of keeping appropriate perspective during hard times and demonstrates from his personal, political and business experience that opportunities are just waiting to be discovered and embraced by those who believe “It CAN Be Done.”

This free event is exclusively for CEOs and business owners of companies with annual revenues of a minimum of $10M+.