Vistage NYC Live Event: No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big Results

Our Vistage Expert Speaker for August is Alex Dorr, who stands side-by-side with NY Times Bestselling author, Cy Wakeman.

Our program, No Ego, proposes a radically different approach to leadership, in which leaders come to understand that an amazing opportunity to drive engagement and results with their teams comes from eliminating drama from the workplace. Our research indicates that 2.5 hours per day per person is lost to emotional waste (drama) in the workplace. Just as good process improvement helps our businesses get rid of waste and inefficiencies at work, No Ego teaches the proven mental processes that leaders can facilitate to reduce emotional waste in the workplace. The payoff? While, most organizations are working hard to manufacture teams that are more innovative, collaborative, accountable and high-performing. No Ego reveals that all of those hefty and unrealized ambitions are actually people’s natural state at work…once the drama is gone.

Value to Participants
Vistage members will come to understand that suffering is optional – especially at work. They will learn:

  • Proven techniques to understand why ego behaviors (gossiping, tattling, venting, score-keeping, judging) are 32% of all drama in the workplace.
  • Simple and effective tools to help themselves and team members move beyond ego and focus more on “how we could” instead of “why we can’t” execute decisions.
  • Coaching questions and techniques to immediately reduce drama and conflict at work and recapture the 2 hours and 26 minutes that the average person spends in drama
  • A new model of shared accountability to move teams more effortlessly through change that focuses less on how to make change least disruptive to the people and instead, ensures change is least disruptive to the business.

Alex Dorr is a former professional basketball player, keynote speaker and trainer at Reality-Based Leadership. He holds an MSc, International Business from the University of Derby (England) and has been working with Fortune 500 companies over the last four years to help them ditch the drama from the workplace and turn excuses into results. For the last two decades Reality-Based Leadership has been on a mission to help the world understand that suffering is optional (especially at work) and that all that we desire success, happiness, innovation and collaboration from the teams we lead is actually their natural state – once the drama is gone. After 50+ speaking engagements with leaders in almost every industry, he has consistently received rave reviews from his trainings. Attendees credit him for not only freeing their minds from unnecessary drama at work, but ultimately changing their lives and the way they lead moving forward. Alex has worked with organizations such as Eli Lilly, Emory Healthcare, Nationwide, Carnival Cruise Lines, US Department of Commerce, Allina Health, Delaware North and AMC Theatres among others.

For a three-minute preview, see the video below: