VISTAGE NYC Workshop for CEOs & Execs: Making Friends With Your Fears: How to Own & Harness the Fears We All Have

As a leader, the more responsibility you have, the less you’re supposed to feel fear. It’s okay to experience stress, frustration, anger, burnout, conflict, health problems, failed relationships, and even heart attacks. But not fear. The thing is – every leader does. And the real test of leadership isn’t about how much fear you have – it’s about how you respond to it.

The problem is that most leaders respond to fear in ways that increase, rather than decrease, stress. Changing the way you respond to fear can dramatically increase productivity, lower stress, reduce conflict, and increase motivation.

In this workshop, Dr. Whetten shares the real reason why most leaders are so stressed. He teaches leaders how to transform their relationship with fear. And he demonstrates why in the 21st century, this shift has become the essential key to resolving high-stress problems and to becoming an extraordinary leader. Leadership questions explored in this session include:

  • How can I resolve my most stressful problems?
  • How can I get rid of the fears that have been holding me back?
  • How can I resolve emotionally charged conflicts?

Dr. Whetten, drawing on the lessons of his best-selling book Yes Yes Hell No!, provides participants with specific tools for releasing stress and fear. Where other programs on stress management try to control the symptoms, this workshop addresses the root cause.

This free event is exclusively for CEOs and Key Executives of companies with annual revenues of a minimum of $10M+.