Vistage NYC Workshop for Key Executives: TASK MASTERY: GET THE RIGHT THINGS DONE

Our Vistage Key Executive Group in NYC said their top learning goal was increasing productivity. We are delighted to have a productivity expert and author of Work Well, Play More, Marcey Rader coming to Manhattan to present this live workshop.

Do you have trouble prioritizing and focusing on income-generating activity?

Do you need ways to be more efficient at work and home to have more free time?

Stop procrastinating and get it done.

There’s no winner in who’s the busiest. We want to work on our business, not our busyness.

Topics covered include distraction management, setting boundaries, and getting focused. Then we step into action with prioritization, using a task management system, and outsourcing both professionally and personally. This workshop gives clear, actionable steps on what to do with that never-ending task list and how not to just be productive, but effective at our job. Leave busy behind.

Marcey gives each participant an electronic resource guide with links to all the references, programs, and tools she covers in class. All attendees are asked to make one commitment in the next 30 days and share that commitment with one other member to hold them accountable.

  • Prioritize your list to focus on tasks that move the needle
  • Automate to rest your brain and reduce anxiety
  • Outsource creatively within your personal and professional budget

It’s never just the system, but also the behavior, that makes task mastery effective. Getting tasks done is not the answer. Getting the right tasks done at the right time, efficiently and effectively, is what matters.

Speaker Biography
Marcey Rader’s an award-winning, top-rated, high-energy speaker who packs presentations with actionable advice and real-world wisdom. Her #1 mantra? You can reach peak productivity without sacrificing your health to get there.

Marcey’s the founder of the Work Well. Play More! Institute, where entrepreneurs, business leaders, and entire teams sail to seek out peak productivity and health to improve performance. Clients learn to maximize their time and energy to leave burnout in the dust, decluttering the mind, body, and business, one habit at a time.

And guess what…. she’s also a Vistage member!

This free event is exclusively for Key Executives of companies in Manhattan