Vistage NYC Workshop for CEOs: The Growth Myth–Successfully Exiting Your Business

The Growth Myth

Are You a Business Owner Who…

  • Seeks to exit at some point in the not-so-distant future, typically several years from now?
  • Actively works in your company?
  • Cares about the legacy you leave behind?
  • Feels an obligation to people impacted by your exit: co-owners, key employees, valued customers?
  • Desires to reach financial freedom, but you have the majority of your net worth tied up in the business and its assets?
  • Wants advice and assistance?
  • Recognizes you have one shot at success?
  • Lacks time and experience to do this yourself?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, NOW is the time to start planning for your successful exit.

What makes one business more desirable than another to a prospective buyer? Why is selling a business or passing a business to a family member often so difficult and costly? How does a CEO or owner know if the decisions he or she is making today are helping or hurting the potential for a successful exit?

In this workshop, best-selling author, Patrick Ungashick addresses “The Growth Myth,” which is the erroneous belief that if company leaders can succeed in growing the business, they will then be successful at exiting the business. The heart of the myth is that owners and CEOs often confuse growth with value; for example, decisions and actions that grow a privately held business at times fail to increase value. Without value that is transferable to a buyer or successor, it may be difficult or impossible to exit successfully.

Combining more than 25 years of direct experience, findings from national research, and entertaining real-world case studies and stories, at its core this workshop is about helping business owners and CEOs get their companies ready for exit.

Key issues explored include:

  • The difference between growing a business and creating value
  • How to create transferable value (i.e. value that a buyer or successor can secure with little risk or cost after the leader’s or owner’s exit)
  • The Seven Elements of Transferable Value™ and how to assess your business’s strengths and weaknesses in each

Value to Participants

  • Understanding of three ways to maximize total business value at exit
  • A prioritized checklist for taking action in each of the Seven Elements of Transferable Value™
  • Transferable Value™ benchmarks against similar businesses and Vistage members

This event is exclusively for qualified CEOs of companies in Manhattan with revenues greater than $10M