Vistage NYC Live Event for CEOs and Key Executives: Moving Values from Intention to Intentional

Ruth Lund

Vistage NYC is delighted to bring Ruth Lund, Managing Director of the LEGACY Center to deliver this workshop on Moving Values from Intention to Intentional for CEOs in NYC and their Key Executives.

Take part in an engaging and revealing workshop session that will help you recognize the personal values that drive your leadership and the impact that those values are having on your organization. You will have a personalized view of your organization through the lens of what values are observed and desired. In addition to learning about the latest work surrounding the creation of values-based cultures, participants will leave with a deeper understanding of their critical role in the intentional development of the values that they want driving the organization to success.

Healthy organizations drive bottom line results, including attracting and retaining the best and the brightest (who wouldn’t want to work in a vibrant, aligned culture?), and unleashing the full potential your team by uncovering and eradicating the dysfunction that is sucking the energy and time away from your people.
You will leave this session with plenty of key personal learnings, including

  •  What are the values that I hold most dear and how do I respond when they are challenged?
  •  What values do I want to make sure are authentically at play in my organization?
  •  How healthy is my organization’s culture today? How am I personally driving the culture?

This event is exclusively for qualified CEOs and Key Executives of companies in Manhattan with revenues greater than $10M