CEO’s, Business Owners, Key Executives: Are you a qualified candidate for Vistage?

Our Vistage New York groups are for passionate learners who are successful CEOs or Key Executives committed to becoming better leaders so they can make a difference by not only growing their company’s profitability but benefiting the lives of their stakeholders. For organizations to grow, leaders need to grow; they need a place to learn, practice, and evolve–which is why Vistage NYC exists.

Qualified candidates are:

    • CEOs or business owners who run companies in Manhattan.
    • Annual revenue of $10M-$200M; more than 25 employees.
    • Have an executive team.
    • Open for feedback & committed to bringing their business to the next level.
    • Have the courage to be vulnerable and not look good
    • Passionate learners
    • Responsible

Vistage International

  • Founded in 1957, Vistage International is the world’s leading chief executive organization, with 23,000 members in 20 countries.
  • A group consists of 16-18 members in non-competing industries that come together to get their issues & opportunities addressed & be held accountable. Membership is an invitation only.
  • Vistage is not a networking group; it is a professionally facilitated CEO group to help one another make better decisions through the collective wisdom of impartial peers.

The Most Common Reasons CEOs and Key Executives Join Vistage is they are challenged by one of the following:

    1. Growing their leadership or business to the next level
    2. New as CEO (family, PE, internal promotion)
    3. Hiring/Attracting Talent
    4. Getting stuck in the weeds—not working on the business
    5. Staying relevant in competitive markets
    6. Executive Isolation relief
    7. Taking back their personal life
    8. Avoiding making costly decisions (mistakes)
    9. Suffering from a lack of accountability
    10. Having a source for unbiased feedback

If you would like to discuss further, you can reach me by completing this form.