Vistage NYC Creativity and Personal Mastery Workshop for CEOs and Senior Executives–Dr. Srikumar Rao

Dr Rao

Vistage NYC is delighted to offer the Creativity and Personal Mastery Workshop with TEDx speaker, author of many books, and founder of The RAO Institute, Dr. Srikumar Rao.

This workshop will make you a more inspired and inspiring leader, a more effective manager and greatly improve your interpersonal relationships. It will also unshackle your creativity and enable you to astutely perceive opportunities that others fail to spot, and that you, yourself, may well have missed earlier. And, finally, it will give you a philosophical framework that will not only remove much of the stress in your life but also leave you feeling radiantly alive and brimming with goodwill and cheer. Though designed for business, countless participants have reported that the learning is widely applicable and that relations have improved with spouses, children and even in-laws!! The course from which the workshop draws its material is the only one at any top business school to have its own alumni association and has been widely covered in the media including the New York Times the Wall Street Journal, the London Times, Time, the Financial Times, Fortune, Business Week, and many others

It is a deeply introspective and experience-based workshop that will lead you to discover that you live your life using mental models that you assume as real, that many of these models actually do not serve you well, and that you can replace them with superior models that work much better. This sounds simple but is actually a complex concept and by no means easy. It also requires considerable persistence to truly understand and master. If, however, you do expend the effort, you will find your life transformed in innumerable ways and full of rich musical notes that you never noticed before.

This event is exclusively for qualified CEOs and Key Executives of companies in Manhattan with 25 employees or more.