Vistage NYC Event: Communicate Like a Leader: 7 Guidelines for a Story of Disruption

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Vistage NYC is proud to bring #1 Amazon bestselling author,  & two-time TEDx speaker, Michael Margolis to present his workshop, Communicate Like a Leader: 7 Guidelines for a story of disruption, to Vistage CEOs, business owners, senior executives, and qualified candidates in NYC. Michael

Things are changing quickly. If you’re not telling the story, someone else is going to tell the story for you. Your customers and employees need reassurance. This is a time to communicate with your stakeholders more than ever. Together we’ll explore actionable, practical communication guidelines for CEOs in the midst of both immediate triage and adaptive response.

  • How do you fill the information vacuum in the face of uncertainty?
  • How do you communicate in a way that is honest, grounding, and inspiring?
  • What are the right ways to sell and market in this climate (without hurting your reputation)?
  • How do you maintain team morale as you pivot and embrace change?

Michael is the CEO and Founder of Storied. Serving heads of product, design, and marketing who need to sell a big disruptive future.  He is an advisor to Facebook, Google, and Tesla. Notable clients include Hulu, NASA, American Express, Deloitte, SAP, Bloomberg, TATA, Greenpeace, Indigenous Design, and UN Foundation. Since 2002, Michael’s worked with hundreds of organizations, 34 industries, 15 countries, and trained 60,000 leaders.

Prior to Michael’s presentation, I will be hosting a virtual meeting for qualified CEOs  of companies in Manhattan with 25 employees or more. It will be a safe place for CEOs who want to talk through concerns and move toward solutions. It’s about breaking the isolation and knowing you don’t have to go through this alone. Let me know if you would like to attend below.