How Do Business Owners Prepare to Return to the Workplace in NYC

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In this one-hour video, you will learn the best practices for preparing your people to return back to work in NYC. We have two experts, HR Expert, Erin Lau, and VP and Attorney Andy Ramzel from Insperity HR Services answer questions from Vistage members about Returning to the Workplace in NYC. Here are some of the questions asked and answered:

  • Working from home has been seamless for me and my team. How do I make them realize that on-premise is more effective?
  • Should you, and can you legally require your staff to get a COVID-19 test prior to returning to work?
  • Can you require employees to come to the office?
  • What if they have to take mass transit?
  • What is the dialogue between us, as a staffing agency, and the people we place into other companies in different states, etc.?
  • What are the three best practices/implementations for bringing staff back into an office environment?
  • What is my liability as an employer if one of my employees gets sick from coming back to work?
  • If all staff is instructed to wear face masks in the open office areas, is it necessary to install plexiglass barriers?