Vistage NYC Webinar in August: Harnessing the Power of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

man in mirror

Higher Emotional Intelligence predicted higher-performing leaders 80% of the time. Vistage NYC offers an interactive workshop with Heather Anderson based on Emotional Intelligence/Emotional Quotient (EI/EQ) awareness and skill development.

Key issues covered include:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence — how EI/EQ differs from IQ
  • The business case for EQ — how developing it translates into bottom-line results
  • Your role as a leader in developing your Emotional Intelligence — why should you?
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment results — members will receive an EQ report providing them with a snapshot of their EQ — 15 EQ competencies will be measured
  • Techniques to help you continually develop your EQ
  • How do you build EQ as an organizational capacity

Research suggests that the higher you go in an organization, the more EQ matters. In a study of more than 515 senior global executives, the most successful had the strongest emotional intelligence. A recent Harvard University study reveals that up to 95% of success in leadership is attributed to EQ/EI.

Heather Anderson owns Leading Challenges, a leadership development company, based in Stowe, VT. Heather specializes in developing programs that focus on building leadership skills and team skills throughout an organization. She created a comprehensive emotional intelligence (EQ) management development program that includes an EQ assessment, coaching, training, and specific EQ skill development. This program was adopted and licensed by General Electric and is being used to train their employees Worldwide. Whether consulting with small or large businesses or speaking to senior executives about EQ, Heather focuses on working with business leaders to increase their effectiveness in order to help them to dramatically improve business results.

If you are a Manhattan CEO or Senior Executive who is interested in attending as my guest, you can contact me here.