New Virtual Vistage Emerging Leaders Program

Is your Leadership Development Strategy Sink or Swim?

Sadly, for small to medium size businesses, most new leaders have not received any leadership training.

“In a study, we conducted on over 17,000 leaders we found the average age of supervisors in these firms was 33. In fact, the typical individual in these companies became a supervisor around age 30 and remained in that role for nine years — that is, until age 39.

It follows then, that if they’re not entering leadership training programs until they’re 42, they are getting no leadership training at all as supervisors. And they’re operating within the company untrained, on average, for over a decade.”

The impact:

  • 75% of Employees Report their Manager is the Worst Part of Their Job
  • The base rate of failed leaders is 75%
  • 38% of the difference in Business Performance can be explained by Leadership Effectiveness
  • One in two employees have left a job to get away from a manager (Gallup)
  • The #2 reason for turnover is the lack of opportunity for growth and development

Just as a bad manager can ruin a good job, a great manager can make a huge difference in culture, productivity, and the bottom line–if only their organization invested in training them to be an effective leader.

Introducing the  New Virtual Vistage Emerging Leaders Program

  • Virtual Meetings: ½ Day per month  ($4,500 value)
  • Speakers: six expert speaker workshops*/year  ($4,500 value)
  • Executive Coaching: one-hour private session  with Mark Taylor ($500 value)
  • Exclusive Mental Fitness App: Guiding a Daily Practice to boost EQ  ($1,200 value)
  • Progress Tracking; you can’t manage what you don’t measure
  • Community: a peer group for support and best practices
  • Mentor: monthly meetings to provide impartial guidance
  • Triads: monthly meetings for accountability
  • Bonus: webinars, executive summits, guests for speaker meetings
  • Contribute to our Community:
  • Total Value$10,700+

Investment: $5,100/year ($425 per month)

10% of proceeds will go to The Leadership Program (a Vistage Member Company) towards Youth Leadership Development Programs that Transforms Schools and Communities in NYC.

Similar to Tom’s Shoes, every Emerging Leader enrolled will provide a classroom for 30 students. This school-based preventive intervention and nonviolent conflict resolution program is targeted to NYC young adolescents and teens, with lessons that are facilitated during a class period. It has been field-tested in urban public schools and refined for optimum effectiveness and student engagement.

If you are interested:


*Year One Speaker Workshops: Self-Awareness, Communication, Productivity, Performance Management, Team Management, Business Finance

Year Two: Executive Presence, Personal Accountability, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Business Strategy, Customer Focus