Vistage NYC Workshop: The Essence of Strategy: Getting to the Heart of Getting Things Done with Sherrin Ingram

Sherrin Ross Ingram

Vistage NYC is thrilled that author and award-winning Vistage Speaker Sherrin Ingram is presenting her workshop on The Essence of Strategy: Getting to the Heart of Getting Things Done in March.

What are the silent killers of successful strategy execution? Which ones are currently working against your strategy? How can you improve your strategic planning process so that more “blind spots” are uncovered and addressed BEFORE they completely sabotage execution or undermine results? These and other critical strategic planning and execution questions are addressed in this resource session on the Essence of Strategy.

The Essence of Strategy system combines Sherrin Ingram’s proprietary strategy filtering and vetting processes to uncover strategy blind spots with her leading edge research in neuroscience and performance management into a simple step-by-step process that helps leaders at all levels support the execution of specific strategies. The system teaches leaders how to avoid many of the common strategic planning mistakes and hidden strategy execution pitfalls that undermine employee engagement and stifle consistent progress on key strategies.

Key points include:

  • Nine proven ways to uncover hidden obstacles to consistent execution.
  • Clarity about the true drivers of success of any strategy or tactic.
  • Hidden pitfalls that can undermine the strategic planning process, consistent execution, employee engagement and stifle progress on key goals.
  • The step-by-step process for developing a personalized strategy support plan to boost performance and accelerate achievement of a strategic initiative.

Sherrin has taught The Essence of Strategy system at national and international conferences, corporate meetings and private executive forums… for audiences of eight to thousands. These are not just theoretical concepts. These are strategies and tools with a proven track record of success for increasing strategy alignment and turning proactive personal development into an organization’s competitive advantage.

Value to Participants

In this practical and interactive workshop, Sherrin provides Vistage members and guests with practical solutions they can begin using immediately in two key areas:

Part 1 of the presentation: How to Vet Your Strategies BEFORE Execution

Part 2 of the presentation: How to Stay Focused and Consistent While Executing Your Strategies

Participants will leave with new ways of vetting their strategies, identifying their strategy blind spots, and addressing the roots of their execution challenges. In her no-nonsense, straight to the point style, Sherrin provides a simple step-by-step process for “filtering” strategies to increase the chances of working on the right strategy for your needs. She then details a step-by-step process for crafting a personal strategy engagement plan to support execution. By the end of the presentation, members and guest will be able to:

  • Understand how to use the nine filters for vetting a strategy.
  • Proactively identify blind spots in their strategies.
  • Link company growth and personal development in a way that creates organizational competitive advantage.
  • Prepare a written action plan that is customized to their needs for staying motivated and making consistent progress toward achieving a specific strategic initiative.
  • Share workshop materials and templates with their teams to empower them to excel in their assignments and meet the expectations of the organization.

Want to Be a Guest?

If you are a Manhattan CEO or Senior Executive with revenues ranging from $10M-$500M in NYC and who wants to connect with other local high-performing CEOs to help them, challenge them and inspire them to become better leaders and accelerate their company’s growth, you may come as my guest. Contact me below: