Cyndi Gave

Leadership guru, Jim Collins, writes in his new book, BE 2.0, “The number one metric to track isn’t revenue or profit or return on captial or cash flow; the number one metric is the percentage of key seats on the bus that are filled with right people for those seats. Everything depends on having the right people.”

In our Vistage NYC workshop, EOS expert Cyndi Gave, Vistage member, and President of The Metiss Group, will facilitate a fast-paced session where you will ask yourself the questions: “Do I have the Right People?” and “Are they in the Right Seats?”. While the questions are important, the goal of this session is to analyze where your talent falls and come away with practical business practices to implement immediately. The Metiss Group specializes in helping organizations meet their goals through their most important asset: their people. Our processes around job definition, behavioral profiling, and leadership development will help you answer if you truly have the right people in the right seats AND what to do about it.

Value To Participants
Objectively rank and plot your team to understand where your people fall in a 4-quadrant model as it relates to core values alignment (Right People) and metrics execution (Right Seat). Once you have objectively ranked your team, you will come away with immediately actionable advice to implement as determined by the quadrant into which each of your direct reports fall.

Cyndi Gave is President of The Metiss Group, a talent management consulting firm providing selection and development solutions since 1996. Raised outside of New York City, Cyndi holds a bachelor‘s degree from Michigan State University and has attended Wayne State University for graduate work. As a student of human behavior, Cyndi’s approaches are practical, effective, and designed to be implemented with relative ease. She has demonstrated her passion for aligning talent management strategies to business objectives for more than 30 years. A business leader at heart, Mrs. Gave has found her niche to impact business results best through advising leaders in their quest for an effective employee selection process, the means to accelerate employee performance, and strengthening organizational health.

Want to Be a Guest?

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